Kings Soap

The artisan's secret compound recipe from the 90's gives you the pleasure of taking a hot springs bath in your home. 

Kings soap is made up of a special compound of 14 premium natural ingredients. Developed by an artisan who has researched cleansers since 1990 formed this secret compound recipe. Enjoy taking a hot springs bath in you own home everyday. 

Weight : 100g


Weight : 100g     

Skin type  : For all skin types 

Period of use : 5 years since manufacture date   

How to use : Make enough foam to cleanse and rinse with warm water

Retail and Manufacturer : Kingsmilgrain / Asan C&S

Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea     

Ingredients : purified water, natural sulfur, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, squalene, silk extract, green tea extract, grape seed oil, aloe vera leaf extract, tea tree oil, licorice extract, cortex mori radicis extract, houttuynia cordata extract, arbutin, vegetable palm oil 

Functional cosmetic : No 

Precautions : Stop use if redness, itching or skin irritation appears. Rinse with water repeatedly if it goes into eyes. Do not use for other purposes than cleansing skin. Keep away from children and animals in case of consumption. 

Guarantee of product : View detailed content      

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